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Far-UVC Technology 

Far-UVC light (222 nm) efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses. With an air treatment system that continuously neutralizes harmful bacteria, including coronaviruses, using light purification technology.

Using far-UVC technology that utilizes a specific wavelength to neutralize contaminants by denaturing pathogens. Far-UVC disinfects surface-borne and airborne pathogens. Air-Sanitizing Troffer inactivates pathogens in the air, while its walkthrough Portal sanitizes skin, clothing, and goods.

Downlight is a passive and continuous method to sanitize air and surfaces in occupied spaces. Equipped with a Far-UVC source, the Downlight delivers 222 nanometer light which inactivates microbes; the reduction achieved is dependent on the type of contaminant, distance from the source and duration of exposure. It can be easily installed into a traditional ceiling light fixture  

Advantages BIO-SCAN®

BIO-SCAN® UVC for safely disinfecting any surface! Certified UV C process with demonstrated efficacy against SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19)

• Ultra-rapid treatment time of just 4 to 10 seconds!
• Eradicates 99,999% of bacteria (5-log pathogen reduction)    and 99,99% of viruses (4-log pathogen reduction)
• Practical, ergonomic, easy-to-use-by-anyone concept
• No chemicals, side effects, or health hazards
• Economical: very reasonably priced, rapid return on    investment
• Can treat all surfaces 


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